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Artists with those interested in music (classical and modern) and institutions looking for singer and/or instrumentalists:

Directors, choir directors, artist directors, musicians….

A Piacere Music is proud to introduce an innovative concept to the world of professional music. The idea is to establish a new kind of collaboration between opera, festivals and singer & musicians as well.

As not all graduates of conservatories may achieve an engagement as soloist singer immediately at start, we do want to create an innovative concept within Germany and to expand soon to other European countries as well. A Piacere Musik like to offer young graduate vocalists the opportunity to be trained and coached to the highest musicianship quality level. From the pool of our singers we will form groups of chorister, which will belong to the choir of an opera or musical theater for a production only or for a longer period of time. Other occasions will be to perform at festivals. Based on high professional training and performance, soloist parts may be than the next step.     

Wolfgang Newerla, Iñigo Laboreria and Javier Santacana founded A Piacere Musik GmbH in order to ease for young artists the barrier to first engagements in professional music and to present well trained voices to organizers of concert or opera productions.

In addition we will offer opera and musical theaters new flexible engagement opportunities beside their staff. The A Piacere Musik team with their expertise as well known professional singers and broad network will find the voice you are looking for and will help to cast best artists for any production planned.  

Quality is of highest priority for us. Therefore all artists applying for acceptance by A Piacere Musik must pass an audition. Further we offer audition trainings and workshops. As result your inquiries for engagement of one vocalist only or of a complete choir can be tightly focused and for your cast selected singer will be offered. A Piacere Musik provides to opera houses and festivals highly motivated artists, full of energy and with great pleasure for each production.  

Interested singer and instrumentalist who which to be added to our database of artists are invited to apply online, by using the link to the contact form below. Please note, A Piacere Musik will also act as agent for soloist singer.

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We look forward hearing your voice.