Through Presence to Presentation…

A Piacere Musik offer audition training workshops for those planning to participate in auditions at theater, opera or concert.

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Wolfgang Newerla, Coach, is for more than 25 years a well known soloist singer for opera and concert. Since about 20 years he is teacher at the School for Music, University of Freiburg, Germany. In his role he run numbers of auditions but also passed an even larger number of auditions.

Auditions are typical for casting singer and musicians. In most cases the audition may be the first occasion to meet as applicant the potential employer and may be the one and only opportunity to show your skills and strength. Typically no artist will be engaged based on the exam mark. Auditions are common for all genres of singing, but standard for opera and therefore auditions are unique opportunities to build a career.   
Majority of soloist opera singer regularly attend auditions. In workshop and coaching session we will help you to prepare for those important minutes. This includes how to train for an audition, helpful styling and presentation tips, and dry run of auditions as well.

How could a coaching session look like?

In step one you may present the repertoire/program you plan to present at the audition. We will video tape your presentation and thereafter we will select tailored exercises to help pass successfully your next audition, engagement and/or to overcome great nervousness before performances.    
In addition A Piacere Musik team members are available and can be booked to review your repertoire or to help develop a musical program for an audition.

A Piacere Musik will offer audition trainings in workshops for groups, but also individual coaching sessions.A Piacere – as you please.